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About Us




Shopstick is a growing supermarket serving in the local area, Khulna, now. It's target is to grow the market share by satisfying it’s customers with the best quality product. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of shopstick now. Now we, Shopstick, are trying our best to focus on arranging the a smoother delivery service in this pandemic situation. We, shopstick, are also trying to relieve our valuable customers from the pressure of doing the daily shopping outside. We are ensuring our customers the best quality product at the best price sitting at home.

Shopstick is a supermarket that aims to create loyal customers for the growth of It's own in the long run. Our target is to be your daily companion who can atleast make you free from the pressure of your daily bazar.

Another aim of us is to overcome the barriers of farmers who cannot get the real price of their corns. We aim to give them thier desired price and acquire the authentic product so that we can satisfy our customers with the best quality product. Moreover consumers want unadulterated product. And we can assure our consumers that they will get fresh and unadulterated product here InshaAllah.

Finally it is our target to serve the whole country with best product. We want to contribute to the national growth by creating a good market share.